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Davison Van Cleve


We are attuned to developments in the energy industry and well-versed in the challenging laws that regulate it. We are trusted advisors with decades of experience practicing energy law.


We are highly motivated and approachable advocates. We assist our clients by working in highly collaborative groups.


We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our clients with targeted expertise. We will provide our clients with the best service at the lowest cost.


Van Cleve

A leader in energy law.  


Davison Van Cleve is built around the idea that a small firm with targeted expertise can provide its clients with the best service at the lowest cost.  We have little patience for the bureaucracy and the frills of large law firms and focus instead on meeting our clients’ needs in a flexible and efficient manner.  This starts with limiting our practice to matters in which we have true expertise. 


Davison Van Cleve represents businesses and consumer-owned utilities throughout the western United States at the state and federal level on energy and utility-related matters.  We practice before administrative agencies, including state utility commissions, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and Federal Power Marketing Agencies such as the Bonneville Power Administration; we handle energy-related litigation and appellate cases in state and federal court; we negotiate power purchase agreements and transactions for the construction of generation facilities, purchases and sales of transmission assets, and others; and we assist clients with energy-related legislative matters.


Davison Van Cleve attorneys work in a highly collaborative group, which allows us to lean on each other’s particular areas of expertise and stay apprised of the most recent developments in Western energy markets.  We have offices in Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.

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Davison Van Cleve

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